Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Snow Day

We had a crazy snow storm that really pounded the Puget Sound region.  Everyone keeps saying that this is the storm that happens every 5 years, and boy, did it pack a punch.  This particular type of snow is such a heavy snow, that they call it "Cascade Concrete."  Unfortunately, several of the Japanese Maples were damaged due to this sticky, heavy snow.  Schools were canceled for two days this week and we had a lot of work cut out to keep the temple open the next day.  With the help of five elders from the Seattle Mission we were able to clear the sidewalks and get the parking lot clean and safe.  What a tender mercy that was to have them show up on Monday when we were needing some help.  Richard, Dan and I were running the plows and salt spreaders nonstop Monday and into Tuesday a little bit.  Here are some pics taken by Richard and I below.  Enjoy:

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