Thursday, October 5, 2017

Autumn Has Arrived at the Temple

Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year!

Cyclamen and sedum mixture by the front door

Chili peppers in the mix...

Elder Bang, from South Korea, painting the mailbox

Brighton Lund, who used to work on the grounds last year, proposed to his fiancé at the Temple Grounds a couple of weeks ago!

Fun Group of Great Missionaries!

3 New windows were installed to replace the cracked ones... They were a good match.

Richard making use of the blowers while our Zero Turn mower/blower is at the shop getting worked on

Summer Flowers Out, Fall Flowers in!

Planting the new fall flowers

Great Weather for the Fall Flower Planting

First lay them out in the pots to get an idea of the spread, then plant!

Richard giving the new trailer some John Deere Green paint

Delta Pansies are my favorite fall flower!

Japanese Maples turning the corner with the red colors

I love these tree rings with the Mondo Grass grown around them.  No weeding or any maintenance.  Best solution to a tree ring.  But Mondo Grass is expensive, you have to have patience until it grows together.

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