Thursday, November 9, 2017

Tulip and Daffodil Bulbs

As the temperatures drop, the time for bulb planting begins.  We have around 7000 bulbs we are planting this year and that will make for quite a show.  We had an eagle scout project help with planting 1500 bulbs along the north fence wall.  The bulbs we are planting are tulips, daffodils, crocus, and hyacinth.  Most of those are tulips, after they bloom, are ripped out and composted. Daffodils on the other hand, are perennials and can remain on the property as long as you don't dig them up.  They also multiply and get bigger and stronger every year.  A little tip on planting: we use augers and drills to install the bulbs and plant them 4-6 inches from each other to create a immense mass of color.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Leaf Cleanup Process

 I wanted to explain the process we use to get the parking lot clean from all the leaves during the fall.  We get several questions about how we do it.  We know along with the beautiful fall colors, there comes a big cleanup process in return.  It is totally worth it!

First we get everthing off the grass and push it out into the parking lot.

We try collecting it into the middle of the parking lot aisles as best we can.

We have a nifty trailer box with a vacuum that sucks up the leaves really well and then we dump the leaves into our compost piles in our back area behind the president's residence.
This vacuum is so handy and we are grateful to have it.  It makes the work go so much faster!

Sweet Gum Trees in their vibrant pink colors!

This is one of my favorite compositions of a tree and shrub planting: green dogwood, yellow smokebush, and crimson Japanese Maple 'Beni Otaki'