Thursday, September 27, 2018

One Month Down, Two More to Go

We have been really busy the first month of shutdown and have been fortunate to have great weather cooperating with our projects as well.  We still have a long way to go until the completion of our projects but I wanted to give an update with pictures where we are at so far.  We completed two ramps, the new concrete curb at the front Southwest area, and hydro-seeded the area as well.  And we just started the drainage project on the east lawn last week, so I hope we get another couple of weeks of good weather.

Before Picture in July of the Southwest area
After Picture with new ramp, curb, and hydro-seeded

New Ramp for utility access and handicap use, also lots of wedding parties get pictures here at this location so it makes it more inviting.

This new ramp has a wider access point, unlike the older one that leaned towards the parking space to the left and prevented full use of the ramp.  
New Numbers for the front sign

New Gold Leaf for the letters at this sign, now we just need new LED lights installed at the base for night showing

Adding Drainage to the East Lawn

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