Friday, November 16, 2018

Temple Opens in One Week!

The Maintenance Shutdown has been successful in getting several important updates done, however we are getting down to the wire trying to get everything back to normal after having the flexibility of the temple being closed.  We are excited to have the temple open again, and have things back running again.  Here are some pics of the after picture of what the Southwest area near the front of the temple looks like now, and the crew we have had this fall season.

We are really excited how this project turned out, hopefully the wedding parties that get family pictures will like how it brings out the temple in the background.

L to R: Jordan Carlson, Elder Jensen, Elder Thomas, Mark Holt, Richard Nelson, Dan Finch

Dan Finch with Dave Meek, Grounds Supervisor who retired in 2012, Dan is retiring this fall after nearly 20 years of service at the Seattle Temple, and 30 years of working for the Church.

My Favorite Tree every Autumn,  Japanese Maple 'Osakazuki'