Thursday, January 10, 2019

Wind Storms

One of the natural disasters we are susceptible to in the Pacific Northwest is wind storms.  Lots of warm air from the ocean meet cold mountain air from the Cascade mountains and it creates quite a stir.  We recently had a storm come through and whip the trees and create quite a mess of the parking lot at the temple.  The soft wood evergreen trees easily snap and twist when the wind hits 50-60 mph.  Luckily there wasn't any major damage or big tall Douglas Fir trees that fell this time, which have happened in past storms.

This machine is a lifesaver, zero turn with blower attachment, it helps us keep the parking lot debris free

Damage after the Storm hit on the evening of Jan 5

We put the nativity away after another successful Christmas season

Richard, Elder Jensen and Jordan having some lunch

Jordan Carlson (bottom) on his last day with Mark Holt, Elder Jensen and Elder Thomas.  It was good to have him around!
PNW in all its winter glory weather- Gray, cloudy forecast, with chance of rain.
Mark and Richard attended the Wilbur Ellis Market Seminars Jan. 9th which focused on New Landscape Management products, procedures and tools...and they had a pretty good lunch too!