Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Mid-Summer Report

We made it from spring into summer, although the weather has been quite rainy.  The 4th of July was 75 degrees and cloudy, but the day before was rainy and cold.  We seem to have waves of a few weeks of rain and moisture, then 75 degrees for a week or so then more clouds and rain.  It is a little different to manage as we are not in need of water in areas, but weeds are taking over certain areas, since we can't spray in the rain.  We are trying some other methods and they seem to be working. Our crew this summer is awesome and we are having a good time getting the jobs done. We feel blessed to work in a great environment with great people.  This job sure comes with its challenges, but we are fortunate to be where we are.  Here's to a great summer!

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