Wednesday, September 4, 2019

A Quick Seattle Summer at the Temple

Well, this year has been an interesting one relating to the weather.  We had rain the week leading up to the 4th of July and it has remained relatively cold (60's - 70's) most of the time.  We have had several week chunks of 75-85 degree days which has helped to get out of the rainy blues.  The temple grounds has had the irrigation turned off for multiple weeks throughout the summer which is a rare situation.  The grass has reaped the benefits of a cool summer and has looked really nice.  The flower beds have had some ups and downs as they like an early hot summer, with less rainy week sprees.  Some of the cherries have had some fungus issues with die back on the branch tips because of the cool, wet weather.  Overall, it has been a great summer, and we look forward to Autumn.  Here are some pics of what's been going around here.

Photo by Jason Jarman, President of the Bellevue South Stake, September 2019

The flowers in the traffic circle have been a little spotty this year, mainly the pink osteospermum daisies, not sure why.  The white ones you can see in this picture are blooming really well.

The dahlias keep getting bigger and bigger since we started them 3 years ago, one of our favorite flower beds each year!
A new Dahlia we planted this year called 'Pooh'

Primary group that came to volunteer from the May Valley Ward, Richard cut them some Dahlia Flowers

The new carpet for the entire 4th floor that was done during the summer shutdown recently

Richard, Jacob, and Zach Turner watching the first ever World-wide Temple Grounds Conference via live stream Aug. 30

We put a new floor in the grounds shop giving it a much needed face-lift

Turning the Chiller bed into a shrub bed, due to the grass not performing to temple standards in recent years. We plan to put ferns, hostas, and some Japanese forest grasses here.

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