Thursday, April 23, 2020

Signs of Spring

As you drive around the Pacific Northwest, you can now see the lime green colors in the mountains popping up, mixed with all the forest evergreen colors.  The deciduous trees have now emerged for the year.  

At the temple grounds our second wave of tulips, cherries and azaleas are now blooming.  The rain has also returned after a 2 and half week hiatus, which was nice for our beds and turf.  Now we must face a "real" spring with wet, wet weather along with the rush of mowing tall grass, and hoeing constant growing weeds.  The fountain lights project is getting close to placing the electrical lines and then we can put plants back in soon.  

With lots to do, we are taking advantage of this time while the temple is closed, but we hope the temple opens soon!

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Karla B said...

Thanks for posting the beautiful pictures of the tulips, I missed seeing them in person this year!

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