Sunday, April 19, 2020

Spring Rushes In

We have now heard that the temple will be shutdown through the end of May, although the opening could potentially be extended if the Church feels it needs to. This period of time which some are naming “The Great Lockdown” due to the pandemic will continue to rage on and have impacts well into next year for all of us. But the spring season is well on its way at the temple grounds. We are fortunate to be able to work outside and be busy with several things this time of year, while still maintaining "social distancing."

Here are some projects of things going on at the temple right now and some pictures of the grounds:

The Fountain lights have always been an issue in recent years, so we are looking to locate the lines, which have been difficult to find.  We plan on renovating the bed and putting in some new plantings around the fountain where the grounds has been disturbed.

Kyle Bunnell, helping me to identify where to dig with the mini excavator

Kyle, Zach Turner, and Richard Nelson on the mini excavator

Gravel for trails and other projects

We have been fortunate on Grounds to allow other departments to come work outside.  Barbara and Jane from housekeeping, weeding at the front beds.
Aerating and fertilizing the lawn will help it green up and promote root growth this time of year. We are also working on our sprinkler maintenance and scheduling which takes several weeks with over 50 zones to go through!
I took this picture because it shows just how our Grounds Crew has grown! Usually just a few cars.  Thanks for everyone's help from housekeeping and kitchen departments.

Photos of the Temple Grounds by Jessica Myrup:

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