Friday, May 15, 2020

Middle of May

We are middle of May and the flowers are planted, and fountain light project is about finished.  We have had a mixture of rain and sun so it hasn't put a damper too much on our projects.  As things slowly start to open, we are on the ready to have the temple open at a moments notice.  We are assuming it will take a little while longer for temples to open in Washington, but our hope is that day comes sooner than later!

Here are some pictures of the Grounds Projects we have been up to this week:

We had a group lunch with "10 people" so it worked out and we had a good time.  It is crazy to hear how everyone's life has been changed through this world-wide pandemic

Irrigation Leak number 100 and counting... (just kidding... but really we have had a lot of leaks this year)

Fixing irrigation by the fountain

Irrigation Maintenance sometimes requires the removal of plants or other objects to find the problem

Irrigation problem solving: trying to get 3 lines to all come together in a deep hole, on the same plane, same angle made for some head scratching as we worked it out.  We are having lots of issues with the irrigation as the system continues to age.

We cleaned our shop up after it started gathering too many plants, wet suits, dirty tools, etc.  We have made some extra room for our equipment by building a hard canopy that will be really nice to have.  See the picture below

New Canopy on the right

'Beni Maiko' Japanese Maple

We added a Japanese Maple 'Yatsabusa' to the Northeast section of the temple lot.  This is one of my favorite trees.  It only grows a few inches per year, and has a bonsai look to it.

Richard soaked from the sudden rain/hail storm, zach is prepping to go out in the storm

We had a "gulley-washer" of a rain/hail storm last week.  Spring always brings out the craziest weather patterns

Flower Planting started last week, we were glad to get our flower order even though the company we ordered from changed our order last minute

We are close with getting the fountain lights done.  Almost both sides have been back filled.  Still working on getting a stuck wire out of one conduit. Frustrating

Flowers All Planted, close to 140 Flats... multiply by 18 per flat equals a lot of plants

This will be the Coleus Bed.  We love how they perform in this area.  I will have to get a picture in 3 months and put these side by side.