Tuesday, August 11, 2020

What's Blooming in August?

 The Temple is nearing Phase 2 reopening, which seems to feel more like closed than being open, but progress is good.  This year has been an interesting one and we all keep wondering what the future holds for life and getting back to normal.  We don't know what next year, and the year after that will be like, but it is nice to be around things here at the grounds that continue to operate as normal.  The plants and flowers continue to bloom, as long as there is sun, water and soil to grow in.  The challenges of this year may be just be beginning or we may be on the rebound after the tidal wave, but the garden stays constant and unchanged.  This pandemic has created a few "silver linings" for us all-- it has forced us to wander out in nature and enjoy this beautiful earth a little more.  Due to countless cancellations and closures to activities around the world.  Another reminder that God is constant, a Creator of life, and all things in this beautiful earth.  There is so much to explore and learn in this life.  So get outside in nature, find a garden or plant one yourself and escape to something that remains constant and unfettered by the pandemic!

Here are some pictures of the gardens here at the temple this summer, Enjoy!