Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Weekend Snowstorm

 We were hearing about this snowstorm the whole week before and it kept changing in the forecast and it finally made it's way to Bellevue.  With the temple being shutdown, we knew we had some flexibility with the timing of removing the snow for the employees coming to work during the week.  But we encountered some challenges that made it a little more crazy than was expected.  Here are some pics of what's been happening lately on the grounds. 

Our John Deere 4300 had an axle come apart on friday right before the storm, this past weekend. It was bad timing, but we were able to make our other equipment work.  And since the snow stopped and the temperatures rose, it started to melt, and help us out a bit.

The Gator just couldn't push this heavy wet, snow. It took all day and night just to get a runway, seen below, and few stalls done for employees.  That is why they call it cascade concret, for being so wet and slushy. It makes it difficult to push and clear.  But with the Tractor needing a new axle we had to adjust.

Richard, Mark, Zach and E. Hardy