Grounds Crew

2021 Crew

Elder Jackson, Hardy and Sister Socha getting ready to tackle the leaves in the Davidii Beds.

We have had increased support from the Service missionaries, and have had some good support.  Picture here is Sisters- Richins, Welton, Socha and Elders- Hardy and Jackson

Elder Jackson, Sister Richins, and Zach Turner

Richard, Mark and Zach with Elder Hardy (Feb, 2021)

Richard, who has been doing some really amazing woodwork the past few years, is really making some neat things lately, like this cell phone case. 

2020 Crew

Left to Right: Kyle Bunnell, Mark Holt, Zach Turner, Richard Nelson, and Chaz Jarman (back from India)

Serious Face

2019 Crew

Zach Turner, Mark Holt, Richard Nelson, Kyle Bunnell, Dan Finch (Retired Jan 2019) visting
the Amazon Spheres greenhouse in Downtown Seattle.

Richard Nelson, Elder Thomas, Kyle Bunnell (Summer), Mark Holt, Jacob Sabin (Summer), and Zach Turner
(New Full-Time Worker Spring 2019)

Elder Jensen Farewell Barbecue with everyone, Richard, E. Jensen's Mom, Elder Thomas, Brian Avery, Paul Smith, Elder Jensen, Jacob Sabin  (April 2019)
Logan Burris, Richard and Zach make up the Fall Crew for 2019.  This was Logan's first day, and just found out he will be serving in the Peru Chiclayo Mission leaving in Feb. 2020

Robert Norton, is one of our volunteers that has been coming a lot to help with pruning the trees and many others things.  We love his spirit and help around the grounds.  He is a good friend of Richard's and has been a great volunteer!

2018 Crew

Joseph Rynearson and Amanda Haselden enjoying the BBQ lunch in May

Elder Rounds continues his service mission until August of this year, we enjoy having him around!

Jordan Carlson and Elder Benjamin Thomas reading a book at lunchtime fall 2018.  Elder Thomas will be doing a service mission until next year.  We are glad to have these guys on our crew! 

Elder Jensen is from Renton, as well as Jordan Carlson.  Jordan is in my ward (May Valley) and will be helping us this fall/winter.  Should be fun. Elder Jensen is doing a service mission until April 2019 and Jordan will be here just until December.  Jordan got back from the Nashville, Tennessee Mission recently.  Glad to have these guys on our crew!

2017 Crew

Summer 2017 work crew: Sam Bunnell and Andrew Burrell

Richard Nelson, Mark Holt, Mosese Lolohea, Dan Finch, Annie Nader

The Clan at Bellevue Botanical Gardens: Mark Holt, Sam Bunnell, Andy Burrell, Sean Carlson, Annie Nader, back: Dan Finch, Richard Nelson

Elder Rounds serves as a volunteer for two days a week on the grounds as part of his service mission.  We love to have him around and he is a great worker!

Fun picture the guys took and set on my desk... imitating my family picture... made me laugh!

2016 Crew

Richard Nelson, Sean Clark, Mark Holt, Dan Finch, Colin Hetherington

Richard Nelson, Brighton Lund, joined us for Fall of 2016

2015 Crew

Dan Finch and Garrett Campbell
Garrett Campbell and Nick Cardon -summer 2015

Richard Nelson, Sean Clark- fall of 2015, Dan Finch


Skyler Westergard pumping water out of a hole... he may be trying to get me (mark holt) wet since i just dumped dirt down his back... 

Ben brought donuts his last day here...he climbed several trees while he was here just under month as a groundskeeper.  He used to be a search an rescue guy that hung out of helicopters so heights was no biggie for him

Ryan McCord, Brent Collinswood- Summer 2014, not pictured- Zachary Delano who worked for us in the fall of '14

Dan on his Throne, the Red Rocket

Mark Holt chillin' like he always does...

Skyler Westergard- the irrigation master

Mark Holt, author of this website, started working on the grounds in May of 2014, so if you worked on the grounds previous years to that, comment below on the year you worked here and send me some pics if you have any, Thanks!

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